Our First Baptism By Concord

Friends, I have been delinquent in my posting duties.  A little over two weeks ago, our Enforcement Division had two agents undergo baptism by Concord.  Agents Boutros Boutros Golly and Ricky Deckard found an unlicensed Covetor in  Ahtulaima.  They had no choice but to destroy it.

Triade Utama Killmail

Following its destruction, I sent the pilot our standard Enforcement Action Notice.

Triade Utama EAN

This pilot proved to be an almost-Gallant.  After a pleasant exchange of EveMails, she declined to purchase a Mining Permit.  However, she offered greetings from Germany,  asked me to give our agents a GF and informed me that she had read the Code several times.

Triade Utama GF.jpg

Although our Agents were unable to get this pilot a Permit, they succeeded with their first gank and spread the word of the Code.  Just a short while later, they destroyed an unlicensed Retriever in nearby Mitsolen.  Not a bad start for these two promising agents.

Sadly, their streak of friendly encounters was not to continue.  About a week later, they destroyed an unlicensed Retriever piloted by Tony Orti in Sirseshin.  Mr. Orti’s response to our Notice of Enforcement Action was far less cordial.

Tony Orti EAN

Again, we were unable to get this pilot properly licensed.  However, we found our first red-pen violation.  So these two fine Agents have achieved two firsts for the Office of Culture.  I want to extend my congratulations and thanks to Agents Golly and Deckard for their fine work protecting the culture of New Eden.

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