Baptism By Concord in Maurasi: Code has The Power to Enforce Its Law – Belief is Not Required

Success continues for the Office of Culture’s Enforcement Division.  Recently, two new Agents received their Baptism by Concord and got their target:

KM - Darius

I guess Darius Damascus thought it was safe to mine in 0.9 security space with a Covetor.  Agents Virginia Blappington and Montana Blappington obliterated his illegal equipment.  Darius wasn’t just targeted because of his yield fit abomination, which we presume spends more time in ice fields than the asteroid belt where it met its demise.

Darius Damascus1

That’s right, Darius was sporting a fake Mining Permit. Darius’ “I Can Do What I Want” permit was even weaker than his ship’s tank.

Darius was in the belt with an Orca piloted by Jace O’Durn.  The tears began to flow even before I even had the chance to offer Darius a Mining Permit.


Darius immediately admitted that he improperly fit his ship.  However, Mr. O’durn seemed the most outraged by our Agent’s act of justice.


These two were quite impatient if I did not immediately respond to their questions.  But it was true, he had the same “I Can Do What I Want” permit and a silly video that he inexplicably associated with the Code.


It appeared Mr. O’durn was a Code denier… I acknowledged that the two Catalyst pilots at my disposal would be unable to gank his Orca.  And he agreed that other Code Agents do regularly gank Orcas. After a few more questions he revealed that he had only recently returned to highsec when his nullsec corporation “got rolled by the goons.”


O’durn’s time in nullsec had honed his Eve logic.  On his own, he concluded that Code is “certainly capable of enforcing [its] laws so I guess… belief is not required.” He quickly conceded that he had “melted [his] own side of the discussion.”

A short time later, Mr. O’durn contacted me via private convo to tell me that he was removing the anti-Code portions of his bio.  While he still needs a Mining Permit if he plans to remain in highsec, it is a step in the right direction.


I suspect that Mr. O’durn will return to nullsec.  His almost-Gallantry is more at home there. In the meantime, we can only hope that his keen insight will spread to other Code deniers (and that he will come around to purchasing a Mining Permit).

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