Office of Culture (CUULT)

The Office of Culture is a player-created for-profit humanitarian, exploration, and watchdog organization in Eve Online.  We seek to explore and study the unique cultures that capsuleers throughout New Eden have created in the Eve Online sandbox.

Our mission is guided by the core principle that risk and conflict are the heart of capsuleer culture.  When these are absent, capsuleer culture withers and dies.  The greatest threat to New Eden’s culture is the bot-aspirant highsec carebear.  These capsuleers must be reformed or the plague of bot-aspirancy will destroy New Eden.

As an interstellar watchdog, the Office of Culture aims to reform bot-aspirant carebears by educating them in The New Halaima Code of Conduct (“CODE”).  Our cultural development programs include missions to spread word of the CODE, collect Mining Permit fees, and bump carebears in service of the CODE.

Enforcement Division Office of Culture (EDOC.)

The bot-aspirant rarely responds to non-violent methods of reform.  Studies by CUULT‘s Interstellar Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (“IC-PVP”) have found that peaceful efforts to civilize highsec produce scant results, are actually counterproductive in many cases, and do not provide sufficient ISK revenues to fund operations.

Thefore, CUULT founded the Enforcement Division to use aggressive or experimental tactics to protect highsec culture.  For example, many EDOC. agents sacrifice their security status to pursue CODE enforcement. The Enforcement Division is a key part of CUULT’s efforts to protect capsuleer culture.