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“Repairing” Security Status With Low-Sec Ratting

We’ve been surprised at the number of carebears who attempt – and so far have universally failed – to assassinate agents carrying out bumping enforcement. These carebears have given us so many kill rights, a couple of our Enforcement Division agents decided to shift their primary focus from ganking to hunting these would-be assassins.

One agent, Ricky Deckard, decided to raise his security status to more easily take advantage of these kill rights.  We asked him to document his path to higher security status so we could share a concrete example of what it takes to increase it.

First, here’s a little background. Most Eve players are probably already familiar with “Security Status” which primarily affects your freedom to operate in highsec space.  As your security status drops from -2.0 to -4.5 you will be subject to attack by the faction police in increasingly lower levels of highsec.  When you drop to about -5.0, you may be attacked by anyone in highsec without Concord intervention to protect you.

Security Level Consequence
-2.0 and below Faction police will attack you in 1.0 space
-2.5 and below Faction police will attack you in 0.9 space
-3.0 and below Faction police will attack you in 0.8 space
-3.5 and below Faction police will attack you in 0.7 space
-4.0 and below Faction police will attack you in 0.6 space
-4.5 and below Faction police will attack you in 0.5 space
-5.0 and below Anyone may attack you in highsec space

For a more detailed explanation about actions affecting your Security Status and the consequences see Eve University’s wiki.

Many gankers simply operate in highsec with -10 security status. They can still travel through highsec jump gates and dock at stations. They need remain on grid for only a short time to perform the gank.  The only real downsides to very low security status are they cannot sit in one place for long because faction police will (eventually) show up and any player can attack them without affecting their own security status or Concord intervention (the latter may not even really be a downside). Moreover, faction police are not impossibly overpowered like Concord, it is possible to tank or run from faction police.

But if you decide you want to raise your security status, what does it cost?  Again Eve University has a helpful and thorough wiki article on “Repairing Security Status” which explains the fundamentals.  Basically, there are two options: (1) killing NPC pirate rats (mission, belt or anomaly) or (2) turning in “Clone Solider” security tags.

Here’s a concrete example of raising security status based on Agent Deckard’s experience. Note that Agent Deckard had not trained any levels of the social skill “Fast Talk” – which gives a bonus to effective security rating increase.

Agent Deckard’s security status was not that low, only -3.64.  This meant that faction police would attack him in 0.7 – 1.0 space.  He wanted to increase his security status to at least -1.9 so he can operate freely in all of highsec.  Since he was between -2 and -5, he could have used “Clone Soldier Transporter Tags” which cost about 16.8M ISK.  He would have needed 4 tags to get above -2, for a total cost of about 67.2M ISK.

Instead, Agent Deckard decided to raise his security status and earn some ISK at the same time by doing some low-sec ratting (mostly in asteroid belts).  Over the course of about a week, he destroyed rats primarily in 0.2 and 0.3 security space.  Here is his report:

Deckard Sec Status Rpt

Let’s all take a second to laugh at Agent Deckard for losing a ship to a rat: zkillboard.

In short, Agent Deckard raised his security status from -3.64 to -0.74 and made about 321M ISK.  Agent Deckard is only about a month and a half old, and most of his skills are focused on flying ganking Catalysts. So he didn’t use some fancy ratting ship.  He used a relatively cheap Atron frigate (costing about 4.1M ISK):

Atron fit

Agent Deckard informed me that he destroyed all sizes of pirate rats from frigates to battleships.  As one would expect, Battleships and Clone Soldier rats provided the best bounty reward and security status gains.  Battleship bounties were between 500,000 to 800,000 ISK and Clone Soldiers ranged from 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 ISK, with security status gains of about 0.1700% and 0.400% respectively.  Also, Clone Soldiers drop security tags which can be worth a fair amount of ISK (about 2M ISK in a 0.3 system and about 17M ISK in a 0.2).  Below you can see the last bit of security standing Agent Deckard gained:

sec status

Concord finally recognizes Agent Deckard is engaged in “Law Enforcement”

So, if you’re interested in giving ganking a try, but worried about your security status, don’t be worried.  You can spend a modest amount on Clone Soldier tags to quickly increase your security status.  Or you can make a decent amount of ISK while “repairing” your security status.

Here are a few tips for newbie low-sec ratting I got from Agent Deckard:

  • Pick a low traffic group of systems with the security-level(s) you want, preferably with lots of asteroid belts.
  • Pick one or two conveniently located stations to drop your loot since your cargo hold will be small. About 1/3 of my gains were dropped loot that needed considerable cargo space to move to a trade hub. Have a plan for moving this stuff through low-sec (or don’t bother to loot it, you’ll still be ISK-positive).
  • Frigates and destroyers are the biggest threat, since cruisers will rarely hit you and battleships will pretty much never hit you.  Close the distance quickly (without flying straight at the rats) and be ready to pulse your armor repairer.
  • Clone Soldiers will destroy you in about 5 shots.  Once you take the first hit, turn your armor repair on and leave it on until you close the gap (then turn it off). Once you close the gap and orbit they will almost always miss.  In 0.2 systems Clone Soldiers use a web and in 0.1 systems they will warp disrupt you.
  • I also carried a few Null S and Faction Antimatter S rounds in case I ended up in PvP, but I was able to destroy all the rats with Void S.