Here are some other websites you may find informative.

New Order and the CODE The Official Home of the New Order of Highsec.  Here you can receive enlightenment directly from James 315, the Savior of Highsec. Praise James 315!

The Lawton School: Home to Professor Lawrence Lawton a famous knight of the New Order (and a Professor!).

The New Order Gamis: A fine Twitter feed run by New Order Knight Kalorned.

“The New Order of Eve Online: Meet the Corp On A Crusade to Bring War to Highsec Space” by Steven Messner, Rock Paper Shotgun (June 15, 2015)

General Eve Information

Eve University Wiki: Need to learn about something in Eve, this is a good place to start.

Brave Wiki: Another great site to learn about basic things in Eve.

Eve Online New Pilot FAQ

Eve News


Imperium News Network

Crossing Zebras

Eve Tools

EveMon: manage your characters

Pyfa: fitting tool